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Evolvation: AI preview

Hi there pilots! Evolvation is currently in early access and heavily in development. Today, we want to show you the progress of the AI within Evolvation. Evolvation is an online multiplayer game. Multiplayer games require a major playerbase in order to get the best experience out of a game. Our Steam community gave us feedback on […]

Evolvation on Firstlook festival

Hi there pilots! We are proud to announce that we have a bootspace at the Firstlook festival! Firstlook Festival is the largest game event of the Benelux and is full of the newest games, gadgets, hardware, comics, cosplay, eSports, merchandise and more! At 7, 8 and 9 October you are able to visit us in […]

More screenshots available of Evolvation!

HyperReuts releases more Screenshots of Evolvation. The screenshots contains new maps, new spaceships, gameplay shots and astonishing environments! The screenshots are shown at the webpage of Evolvation in de media section. We will keep you up-to-date with our news flashes on our webpage, via our social media (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, linked In and if we release a […]

Upcoming Kickstarter for Evolvation

Yes! We at HyperReuts are announcing an upcoming Kickstarter Project for Evolvation the game! Do you have any ideas for pledge rewards? We have decided to start a Kickstarter Project. We love to give the community a chance to back our project, as this is an advantage for both parties. For the Kickstarter, we consider to give backers […]

Evolvation on IndieDB!

An IndieDB page is created for Evolvation! Check the out the page here and get the game popular! Indie DB the independent games site. News, downloads and media direct from the developers. Powered by ramen noodles. An amazing platform for new developers as HyperReuts. You can check out the popularity of Evolvation with the counter below. […]

Forum Development for Evolvation

HyperReuts is developing a forum for Evolvation the game. In the thumbnail of this post you can preview the homepage of the forum, the banner is a preview of a topic. Because we love the idea to reward the early adopters and backers for their support! HyperReuts is considering limited forum access during the development stage. We will keep […]

Upcoming Steam Greenlight Project

Hereby HyperReuts announces an upcoming Steam Greenlight project! We aim to start the Greenlight project within a month from today. The project is for the game Evolvation. Steam Greenlight is a system that enlists the community’s help in picking some of the new games to be released on Steam (Please refer to Steam for more information). […]