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Evolvation: AI preview

Hi there pilots!

Evolvation is currently in early access and heavily in development. Today, we want to show you the progress of the AI within Evolvation.

Evolvation is an online multiplayer game. Multiplayer games require a major playerbase in order to get the best experience out of a game. Our Steam community gave us feedback on this matter. So to fill this gap, we have decided to develop an AI!

Our lead developer opened a development blog about the progress of the AI. A lot of progress is made since, and we would love to show you the current state of our AI! Enjoy!

With this AI, you are able to have instant action! The AI is multiplayer based. This means that you are able to play with your friends together with the AI! In the host options you can define yourself the amount of bots you would like and let the game fill up dynamically regarding real players.

We aim to release an update for the game real soon! In this update, you will be able to play with the bots!

Reminder: 7, 8, and 9 October you are able to visit us at our boot on the Firstlook Festival! We hope to see you there!

Feel free to leave comments, feedback, start a discussion and/or leave other thoughts! Also, join the discussion on our Steam community!

Kind regards,

Eric Ruts
On Behalf of the HyperReuts Team


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