Kickstart the Kickstarter! The project is launched.

The Kickstarter for Evolvation the game is started! Be there and give the project an amazing launch! Benefit now of the early adopter benefits and help us to Kickstart the Kickstarter!

We love to give the community a chance to back our project, as this is an advantage for both parties. For the Kickstarter, we consider to give backers an advantage in purchase price, free initial spaceship, extra initial in-game currency and other amazing perks!

Visit the kickstarter page now!

A Steam Greenlight page is also started simultaneously! Vote “Yes” and get Evolvation Greenlit!

The project goal is set :€20.000
Kickstarter duration: 49 days

The full pledge rewards list!:

  • Receive a set of digital wallpapers
  • Receive a position in the game credits
  • Gain early forum access
  • Gain a special backers badge on the forum
  • A digital copy of the game (Early adopter price)
  • 1 unlocked spaceship of the class: Highspeed
  • 1 unlocked spaceship of the class: Fighter
  • 1 unlocked spaceship of the class: Stealth
  • 1 unlocked spaceship of the class: Support
  • 1 unlocked spaceship of the class: Tank
  • Receive in-game currency: enough to buy an extra spaceship.
  • Receive a high quality poster
  • Receive a t-shirt of Evolvation
  • Receive a hand-signed thank you postcard from HyperReuts
  • Name a spaceship from the highspeed class
  • Name a spaceship from the fighter class
  • Name a spaceship from the stealth class
  • Name a spaceship from the support class
  • Name a spaceship from the tank class
  • Receive a special thanks in the credits
  • Name one of the maps
  • Design a new weapon, map or spaceship.

We really want to thank you up front for pledging. It is much appreciated!

Visit the kickstarter page now!

We will keep you up-to-date with our news flashes on our webpage, via our social media (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, linked In and if we release a video YouTube) and/or via our forum of Evolvation (when released).

Feel free to leave comments, feedback, start a discussion and/or leave other thoughts!

Kind regards,

The HyperReuts Team

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