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HyperReuts Launches Website!

New look, new feel, new vision. HyperReuts is proud to announce that they join the game. HyperReuts is a publisher and creator of interactive video games. The teams of HyperReuts are committed to develop and deliver original, creative and especially fun gaming experiences aimed for all popular platforms. We take it to the next level!

We are happy to launch the very first website of HyperReuts. Within this launch we also announce the development of Evolvation the game! Evolvation is an multiplayer arena space flying shooter with multiple game modes which can be played solo as well as team-based gameplay. We will soon publish more information about Evolvation.

We are proud to say: The website of HyperReuts is made to be compatible with nearly all devices, operating systems and browsers! PC, laptop, tablet, phablet, mobile, chrome, Mozilla Firefox, safari, iOS, Windows, Android, etc.

What do we do at HyperReuts?

We Create
We Create interactive video games.

We Fullfill
At HyperReuts we fullfill the following roles:
We: Animate, Produce, Engineer Audio, Engineer DevOps, Design, Program, Design Interaction, Manage Product, Test, Give technical Support, Write

We Publish
We are not dependent of a publisher.

About HyperReuts

At HyperReuts we want to develop and deliver original, creative and especial fun gaming experiences. We strongly believe that it is rewarding that you have fun. That is why we want to develop games that are accessible to as many people as possible.

HyperReuts is a publisher and creator of interactive video games.

HyperReuts believes that games need to be fun to play. We have seen games that have costs millions and millions of dollars, amazing graphics but a lack of gameplay. We want to do this differently!


We will keep you up-to-date with our news flashes on our webpage, via our social media (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, linked In and if we release a video YouTube) and/or via our forum of Evolvation (when released).

Feel free to leave comments, feedback, start a discussion and/or leave other thoughts!

Kind regards,

The HyperReuts Team


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